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 BBC and BFI announce new partnership to bring archives to life

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مُساهمةموضوع: BBC and BFI announce new partnership to bring archives to life   الإثنين مارس 16, 2009 10:37 am

The BBC and BFI today (sic 09/03/2009) announced a partnership to work together to develop plans for increasing public access to their respective audio, film and TV archives. This agreement draws on the opportunities presented by the development of digital technologies, in particular the expansion of the UK's broadband infrastructure, which allows both the BBC and the BFI to continue to contribute to the building of Digital Britain. The BBC and BFI's intention is to explore new ways of making archive content and material available to all UK audiences, across the widest possible range of distribution platforms, while developing an industry standard approach to the management, storage and distribution of archive content and
related assets.The first stage of this partnership has been formalised by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which outlines key areas for joint strategic thinking, including public access, rights management and digitisation. Roly Keating, BBC Director of Archive Content, said: "The archives of the BBC and the BFI are a great national resource, with huge potential public value. Our two organisations have a shared belief in the value of making the UK's audio-visual heritage accessible to the widest possible audience. This agreement to work together more closely is a first and vital step in realising that vision. "Amanda Nevill, Director of the BFI, said: "Film and the moving image has never been so
important – it permeates everything we do today. Joining forces with the BBC makes perfect sense. We both have a shared ambition that even
more people can explore the full breadth of the collections we each hold on behalf of the nation. "Tantalisingly, Digital Britain has the power to make this happen, something that would have been unimaginable even five years ago. And what's more, we know there is huge demand. This is very exciting." The MOU signed by both parties is non exclusive. Both the BBC and the BFI intend that this agreement will act as a catalyst for making archive content accessible to all UK audiences and in time would seek the opportunity to work with other public archives throughout the UK to further develop the project

Link : http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/stories/2009/03_march/09/bfi.shtml

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BBC and BFI announce new partnership to bring archives to life
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